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Unless We All Act IMMEDIATELY - An Innocent Man Will Die In Florida!!


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Paul William Scott was sentenced to death in Florida's electric chair 19 years ago. Unless people like yourself, who can't bear to passively sit by, knowing that an innocent man might pay with his life for a murder someone else committed, and even confessed to, take action - he will suffer a tragic and incredibly violent death in the electric chair of Florida. This is most assuredly not a time to sit on the fence, wondering "if" you are going to act.
Unless you act IMMEDIATELY it will be too late for Paul Scott.... .
There are no appeals left. No evidentiary proceedings that can prove Paul's innocence.

Clearly it was an act of self-defense committed by another person.
Knowing this proven fact is not enough to convince the prosecutors and the judges of this county nor the governor of this state to set an innocent man free.
They are still hell-bent on seeing the death penalty applied.
If they lack the courage to come forward and admit their mistakes, they will not bury them with the body of Paul William Scott - I WILL PROMISE YOU THAT!

Bob Pauley

From Rick Kondian's letter to Paul's sister Valerie:

"I admitted to it, the champagne and all - I said a few things to the judge that I exaggerated a little, but you have to understand that I was looking out for myself...."

Read Kondian - the REAL killer's letter to Paul's sister Valerie

Kondian's Own Affidavit To The Courts

Read the report from Forensic & Security Consultants Corporation, in which it is shown that the bottle of champagne was the murderweapon.
Right: The circle of blood. The state's best kept secret.

Evaluation of Evidence by Forensic & Security Consultants Corporation

The Forensic & Security Consultants Corporation's conclusion

Affidavit From Mr. Walsh - Investigator at the Capital Collateral Representative

Letter from Dr. Gabino Cuevas, State's Medical Examiner.

"The fatal blow could have been struck with either left of right hand or with both hands."

Neuropsychological Evaluation of Paul Scott, by Barry M. Crown Ph. D. Certificate Addictions Specialist shows Paul Scott is brain damaged and has an IQ measured to 69

Read Paul Scott's Support from the Church

Sister Helen Prejean Urges You To Act

Support From St. Joseph Working Church

Support From Saint Nicholas Church

Support from United Presbyterian Churc - Rev. Robert C. Smith

Other Supporters

Professor Joe Incandela - Professor at Saint Mary's College, and his Institute has "adopted" Paul Scott and his Case

Read Joseph Incandela's Letter About Paul Scott!

Affidavits From Jurors

Affidavit From The Foreman Of The Jury: Federico

Affidavit From Juror Bunkley

Affidavit From Juror Alho

Affidavit From Juror Stoddard

Affidavits From Acquaintances Of Rick Kondian

Affidavit From Mr. Avera

Affidavit From Mr. Hastings

Affidavit From Mr. Coffin

Affidavit From Mr. Reinig.

Affidavit From Mr. Soutullo

Affidavit From Mr. Malley

From the Media

From The Observer - 09.11.98

The Mirror - Article - September 4th, 1998

Tallahassee Democrat
Did Florida Get the Right Man in Boca Murder? by Dave Bruns, Associate Editor

Palm Beach Post Capital Bureau: Clemency Sought in Murder Case, by Meg James

Please Make a donation to
PWS Defense Fund!! Money IS URGENTLY NEEDED!!

Paul William Scott's Defense Fund

In 1979 an innocent man was sentenced to die on Florida's death row. As you can see above, Rick Kondian, who committed the murder has confessed.

In 1998, nineteen years later, evidence is revealed proving his innocence, in addition to the confession of Rick Kondian, but all Paul's appeals are now exhausted. His only chance is to hope Governor Jeb Bush will grant him clemency.

Every last member of the original jury now acknowledges they were deceived.

And Paul William Scott must be released yet the state steadfastly refuses.

From Robert A. Pauley's book "A Circle of Blood"

A Rainbow Over the Ghetto

Where Is This Place Called Eden?

Paybacks Are Hell

Where the Boys Are

The Night of the Chickenhawk

Murder They Wrote

An Island of Millionaires

Bob Pauley - Paul's friend - shares some of his thoughts about the case - from his excellent book: "A Circle of Blood"

Order the book !

Some Statements about The Murder Victim James Alessi

Police Report Describing an Arrest of the Victim, James Alessi

Statement of The Murder Victim James Alessi's Friend Katerine Bauer

Read Paul Scott's Motion for Rehearing. All the information you need"

Motion to Strike Response to Appellant's Notice of Supplemental Authority"

United States Court of Appeal, Eleventh Circuit - Nos. 88-5536 and 94-5171
November 14th 1994 - Scott versus Singletary

Scott versus State 657 So 2d 1129 (Fla 1995)

In this ruling the Supreme Court of Florida ruled:

" We ruled that the trial court erred in failing to hold an evidentiary hearing on the following Brady claims :

We ruled that the State withheld a statement by Kondian`s cellmate, Dexter Coffin , wherein Coffin stated that he told a police officer that Kondian admitted killing the victim ;

We ruled that the State withheld a statement by Kondian`s roommate at the time of the murder, Robert Dixon, in which Dixon stated that he told a police officer that Kondian was angry with Scott for running out on him at the murder scene;

We ruled that the State withheld a medical examiner`s photograph that suggested that Kondian had struck the fatal blow by hitting Alessi on the head with the champagne bottle."

Manipulation of the new evidentiary hearing issued March 16th 1995 by the Supreme Court of Florida

Initial brief from CCRC

by Litigation Director Martin Mc Clain - case 88551

Appeal to the Supreme Court from CCRC

by Litigation Director Martin Mc Clain - Case 88551

Answer brief from the State

by Assistant Attorney General Terenzio - Case 88551

Oral meeting in the Supreme Court of Florida January 7th 1998

Listen to the oral meeting January 7th 1998 in Real Player

Look at the oral meeting January 7th 1998 in Real Player

Download Real Player



Supreme Court of Florida March 26th 1998 denies the appeal.

The manipulation of the remanded evidentiary hearing

is hereby fulfilled.

Opinion by The Supreme Court of Florida March 26th 1998

Justice Anstead is concurring and dissenting in part:

" I cannot agree with the majority that the trial court did not err in denying the appellant`s request to depose the two (2) out of state witnesses whose prior statements formed the basis for our prior remand for an evidentiary hearing.

See Scott v/State 657 So 2d 1129 (Fla 1995).

We cannot simply write this off as moot in view of the trial court`s denial of motion for continuance, since the evidentiary hearing was carried over from January to February 14 and 15."

In this ruling of Anstead KOGAN C.J. concurs

Letters to Governor Chiles of Florida

A Letter to Governor Chiles from Dixie Lawrence Tafoya of California

A Letter to Governor Chiles from Fred Kolkman of the Netherlands

A Letter to Governor Chiles from Patricia Rovensky of Canada - Co-Funder of Canadians Against Death Penalty

A Letter to Governor Chiles coming from Turid Sandberg Ihle of Norway

Letters to Supreme Court

Letter to Supreme Court from Dixie Lawrence Tafoya of California

Letter to Supreme Court from Patricia Rovensky of Canada

Letter to Supreme Court from Fred Kolkman of the Netherlands

From the Supreme Court

Reply to Patricia Rovensky of Canada

Reply to Dixie Lawrence Tafoya of California

Reply to Fred Kolkman of the Netherlands logo enter keywords...

Deathwatch in Florida: A Lawyer Bears Witness to Capital Punishment, by Michael Mello

Read Michael Mello's book Dead Wrong

Dead Man Walking - Helen Prejean's Bestseller

About Michael Mello

More Books Recommended by this Site

Paul's friend, Bob Pauley has written this story. The story of Paul William Scott. Read his story, the nightmare of incredible proportions. Unbelievable yet true!
The book contents scientific evidence and reports, photos, statements, state medical examiner reports, "confidential" memo from the prosecutor's office, and more, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a cover up and that Paul was framed. The book is highly recommended reading for everyone who cares about justice, and want to make a contribution to Paul William Scott's fight for what's in most countries considered as a given thing: A fair trial! Order this excellent book:

Writing Paul Scott, part 1 by Robert A. Pauley

Writing Paul Scott, part 2 by Robert A. Pauley

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